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How to earn 30% monthly for 10 month with eRubit Investment platform

Hello everyone, today I will show you how to earn 30% of your investment every month for 30 month. There is no doubt that you have understand the real reason why you need to work from home. Over time the notion of going to office to work before you get paid will soon be over, if not in your home land, it will be over abroad. Working from should now be consider for you to if you are planning of making money.

Let me drive straight to the destination, investing make easy with eRubit system. You may ask, what is eRubit investment?

This is a cloud rugby sport game investment package where each investor is assigned a viewing studio booth as you invest, you are buying your studio for online viewing, studio ranges from Studio 1 to studio 9 on each league. With each viewing capacity, and the target audience. For each of the studio assigned to you in form of leasing with 10 month duration, the returns is based on pay per views, we set you up on immeasurable financial level.

What are we saying, If you invest in eRubit, it means you are buying a virtual Rugby games which means you are investing in Rugby league just like that helps investors to invest in various foreign business like coka-cola, microsoft etc.  Also helps you earn 30% monthly for 10 months.

How to start? To start with eRubit means you are ready to invest with eRubit, therefore you must have at least 1 payment account out of many other payment they accept.
You can invest with bitcoin or with your bank card.

But after thorough research on eRubit investment, I understand that eRubit is best when you use Payfric payment system.

Now you need to first open your Payfric payment system because eRubit will use Payfric payment system to pay your profit easily with stress when you.

To open Payfric account, visit, click open account button, fill the form with your full details, choose your currency, as a Nigerian, choose Nigeria naira.

After creating your account, now you are ready to invest with eRubit, first fund your Payfric account with at least NGN10,500 for £20 on eRubit.

Bellow are the full details of eRubit investment and their returns:

eRubit Investment program cost is as follows: 
League 1 has 3 studios..... (20% PROFITS) 
 League 2 (25% PROFITS) 
Studio4.. £220 
League 3 (30% profits) 
Studio 7...£1000 
Studio 8...£1300 
Studio 9....£2000 
Profits are in percentage and it's accrued to each studios according to their Investment pattern as shown above. So, now, 
 HOW DO I REGISTER ON eRubit...??? 
Use this link to do so...  
Very simple... You can do that in three ways... You are given 3 options...all available on the platform; 
1.Payment code
3. Bitcoin 
For payment code: this can be gotten from your account dashboard once you activate it via your balance or your Bitcoin,or better still u get it from another investors who have to sell... it will be generated to you and u can use it to fund your own eRubit studio. This type is faster and easier for people, so You can pay into the company's account,and once it's confirmed,you will get your eRubit pay code sent to u,which u can use to fund your account on eRubit. 2. You can as well make use of your ATM card to initiate your payment..the process too is seamless and easy,all you need do is just to follow the steps on the platform... 
eRubit make use of a secured bank payment system called You can visit site, and click on pay via 
3. You can also use your Bitcoin to fund and invest in
To learn more about eRubit investment, you can contact me on whatsapp 07039416382

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