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Tinubu blast Lagos youth, tagged them as "LAZY YOUTH"

According to Sen. Oluremi Tinubu, most of the youths in Lagos would come to her husband’s house, claiming “they want to enjoy Asiwaju’s money.”

She, however, expressed displeasure that “most of these youths don’t want to work”, adding that “the moment you give them work to do, they fall sick.”

She added that youths of todays are interested in making quick money, “but they don’t want to work before making the money.”

Speaking on a Lagos Television programme on Saturday morning, Tinubu said her New Era Foundation Patience Home had concluded plans to empower youths in her senatorial district.

If you are reading this from Lagos, here is our question for you. Are you part of the youth that demand for money from Asiwaju Tinubu?

 If yes, then you are one of the lay youth she was talking about. Change!

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